Student Literacy Lead Team

At FJWSS, we are proud to have students taking part in our literacy program as leaders.

The literacy lead team is made up of senior level students who are committed to helping their fellow students build literacy skills and pass the OSSLT.

Student Leadership Biographies

Andrew was born on September 16th, 1997 in Moose Factory, Ontario. Andrew enjoys playing basketball and hockey. He is very proud of a short essay he wrote about climate change. Andrew likes to read books that he can “gain knowledge from,” so he gravitates towards non-fiction texts. He is especially interested in books about biology. Andrew passed the OSSLT in March 2016, and describes it as “challenging.” For his peers that are writing the OSSLT this coming March, Andrew says, “Take your time with each question.”
Marcus was born on October 3rd, 1999, in Moose Factory. Marcus enjoys playing hockey, attending school, going hunting, and socializing with friends on Facebook. Marcus says the best thing he has ever written was a comparative essay on Lame Deer. Marcus passed the OSSLT in March, 2016, and says it was “challenging, but definitely doable.” Marcus plans to attend college or university, and hopes to pursue a career in aviation.
Gavin was born on March 4th, 1999 in Moose Factory, Ontario. Gavin enjoys playing basketball, competing in track, and very recently has taken an interest in boxing. He is very passionate in improving upon himself either academically or athletically. Gavin’s most favourite piece of writing that he wrote is a comparative essay about two short stories called, “ The Monkey’s Paw,” and “ Doing Something.” Gavin completed the OSSLT in 2015. Gavin reflects, “Overall the OSSLT is passable as long as you answer all the questions and try your best.”
Dayna was born on July 31st, 1996, in Timmins. Dayna enjoys socializing with the Youth Council she is in. She also enjoys reading books, writing poetry or journals, and being on the internet. Dayna says her favourite piece she has ever written is a short poem she wrote for a loved one. Dayna passed the OSSLT in March, 2015 and says, “I had to write the OSSLT twice in order to pass it. Sometimes you need to try again and that’s okay. It may seem difficult but if you study and practice you can write the test smoothly.” She continues, “It took a lot of studying and practicing. The test was overwhelming, but once I finished, it didn’t seem so bad. It is passable. You can do it!” Dayna plans to attend college or university to pursue a career either in mental health or early child education—she’s still deciding!
Randall was born on August 23rd, 1998, in Timmins, Ontario. Randall enjoys playing hockey, going hunting, being out on the land, and socializing with friends. Randall loves to read non-fiction novels, such as autobiographies and memoirs. Randall is very proud of an essay he wrote on Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Randall passed the OSSLT in March of last year, and has this advice for his peers: “Try your best, give effort and never leave an answer blank!” Randall’s future plans include attending college and pursuing a career in the electrical field, or the environmental field.
Darrien was born on June 21st, 2000. Darrien grew up in Attawapiskat, and then moved to North Bay, before coming to Kash. Darrien is organized, creative, and very imaginative. Darrien enjoys writing creative journal entries, and loves to read the Bible and “A Divine Revelation of Heaven.” Darrien passed the OSSLT in March of last year, and says that it was “decent because of all of the practice.” Darrien plans on attending Bible College upon his graduation and then hopes to travel the world, “especially Israel.”