Student Voice

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Response to novels: In Search of April Raintree and Into the Wild

Student Voice in the Remembrance Day Ceremony

Mentors in the Community

Our students are celebrating Kashechewan by writing about positive mentors in the community.

Here are some of their picks:

I think Oliver Reuben is a positive mentor in the community.

Oliver is a brave man who is not afraid to speak for the community even in general meetings with the Chief and Council. He is hardworking in the community shows and often stays late to finish work that needs to be done. He is a kind man who loves his community and he is also a very patient man.

I believe Oliver makes a great mentor.

I think Mason is a great mentor in our school.

Mason is a smart person who helps people doing their work at FJWSS. He is a funny person, he always teases and jokes with people at our school. Mason is also very strong, he helps people at our school putting the chairs and tables up at every sports or grade 8 fundraiser to get community hours to go to college.

I think Mason makes a great mentor.

My grandmother is my mentor.

My grandma is a funny person who tells me many funny stories at her home. She is very clever in the way she speaks, and she never gets mad. My grandma is so curious about me – she invites me to her house every weekends and asks me all kinds of questions. My grandma is also helpful, she cooks for me and every time I go to her house, she makes me tea.

My grandma is a mentor and a great person in the community.



News Reports

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-9-19-35-amStudents are writing news reports at FJWSS to showcase events in the community. Here are some about the grads’ successful Haunted House:

Haunted House a Big Success

Yesterday, November 2nd, 2016, janitors of the Francine J. Wesley Secondary School had finally finished cleaning up the high school’s gym after a huge successful “Haunted House” event that occurred on the 30th and 31st of October.

The grade 12 potential graduates celebrated their night in room 17 in the high school after hearing that they made $15,000.00

When interviewed, janitor Oral Scafe said, “Not only did I clean up the gym, but I had to clean up room 17. The amount of garbage was just ridiculous.”

One of the teachers, Mr. Mohammed said, “I went to go check this event out, holy cow the line was so long! But as soon as I went through the gym, I literally peed my pants!” Then the he ended with, “It was worth the wait.”

The Francine J. Wesley Secondary School not only had a success of the “Haunted House” event, but they beat their all-time record of $9,650 by reaching $15,000.

Every year, there is an annual haunted house event for the town of Kashechewan that is used as a fundraiser for the potential graduates of Francine J. Wesley Secondary School.

-Marcus Hughie

Haunted House a Big Success

On October 28th and 29th, the grade 12 graduates hosted a Haunted House for the community at the FJWSS gym. “It turned out to be successful with th great costumes and everybody coming in two or more times” Dave stated. The Haunted House had a long line of people waiting to go inside going past the fence on school property. “The scares were a success, the costumes looked amazing and overall, everybody had a good time,” stated one of the scarers. By the sounds of it, the Haunted House was successful on the outside and inside. They made $5705.00 in total combining the canteen and entry fee.

-Desiree Jeffries

Haunted House a Big Success

On October 31st 2016, Kashechewan First Nation Ontario students had a haunted house for the community at FJWSS high school and it was a big success. The whole community had a lot of fun and got scared/screamed at the same time. Dallas Kooses said, “It was really fun and scary at the same time, and while I was in there I almost peed my pants because I forgot to use the washroom.” Mason Friday said, “I got scared when I went in there, I started crying when I heard scary people.” The grade 12 students decided to make a haunted house but they needed volunteers so the other grades started helping them and that is how the haunted house was a big success. A lot of people helped out on this project by setting up the walls and putting sound effects to it. Also people helped out each other by dressing up and painting their faces.
-Princeton Hughie

Haunted House a Big Success

On October 30th and 31st, 2015, the Kashechewan High School Committee turned the Kashechewan local Arena into a Haunted House, making about $21,000.00 in only two days.

F.J.W.S.S. High school principal Shannon Robidas said, “I was very astonished when the teachers told me the high school has made $21,00 in total of the even.” She also announced that the money will go towards the upcoming graduates of 2017.

The manager of the entire event, David Margetson said, “You should’ve seen the look in peoples’ eyes during the event! I loved it, I loved it!” He was also astonished about the fact they have made that much money.

The creator of the maze, Sierra Martin said, “My idea was a pretty great idea.” The community spent a lot of money in the house.

-Michaela Sutherland